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Nextgal has developed a platform that allows mobilize any type of corporate application, allowing its use by any mobile device (PDA, Pocket PC, Smartphone, BlackBerry, iPhone, etc.).


  • It is a technological solution that allows mobilize any corporate application
  • It combines the technologies necessary to mobilize any kind of information in real time and time
  • It allows staff traveled with a mobile device, receive and manage all information in real time.
  • It enables the company to do an on-line management, knowing what he is doing the technical in every moment
  • GPS tracking of technicians
  • It is easily adaptable to any sector and activity

Operating diagram of Pocketmobile


  • Receipt of work to do in the mobile terminal. Work can be scheduled or unscheduled interventions
  • Possibility of including databases in the terminal (parts, warranties, etc.).
  • Ability to print spot
  • Possibility of a bar code reader and card reader for magnetic stripe
  • Ability to capture electronic signatures
  • Exchange of information in real time and transparent to the user
  • Ability to work in so connected, disconnected and mixed
  • It does not depend on the communication technology(GPRS, WIFI, GSM, serial, Bluetooth, 3G, etc.)
  • Planning intervention and management teams
  • Receipt of warnings / message on the mobile terminal
  • Reports and usage statistics
  • GPS tracking of technicians (current position, reports of routes, routes, mileage, consumption, optimize routes, saving fuel, etc.).
  • Transparent integration with other corporate systems

Complet diagram of plataform Pocketmobile

Benefits for business

  • Cost reduction
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved quality of service
  • Increased control of personnel moved
  • Improving the management of the company
  • Offer new services or products to final customers spot
  • Etc.


  • Customer Services
    • Receiving the interventions to make and filling them
    • Notices of urgent interventions
    • Control of installed materials
  • Transport
    • Real-time tracking of deliveries
    • Sending collection messages to the carrier
    • Capturing the signature of the client to receive / deliver the package
    • Tracking fleet
    • Control of report of routes
  • Security
    • Management of warnings and incidents in real time
    • Monitoring of security personnel
    • Report of personal
    • Control of routes
  • Data Collection
    • Polls, regularization of data, etc.
  • Other sectors
    • Technical Support Services (TSS), hospitals, retail, energy (reading of meters), etc.