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Nextgal is a software engineering company focused on research and development of innovative solutions that improve our society.


What do we offer?

The basis of a good job lies in good training. Therefore, Nextgal offers to all its workers training in the latest technologies and systems, both Open Source and proprietary.

In addition offered English continuing-education courses to all employees who wish to attend.

If you're still doing your university studies, Nextgal offers scholarships and the possibility of you do your dissertation with us. All projects run by Nextgal so far have obtained the qualification of Honors.

Job vacancies

In Nextgal we are constantly looking for people enthusiastic about new technologies, who loves to explore and innovate, and wants to bring his knowledge.

If you're interested in any of our job vacancies, or simply you want to work with us, please send your updated CV to the email account of contact, indicating the vacant in wich you're interested.

  • Scholarships to students of recent Computer Engineering courses or doing the dissertation
  • Scholarships to students of recent Technical Engineering in Computer Systems or Technical Engineering in Computer Managements courses or doing the dissertation
  • Contract of employment Technician Systems and Technical Support