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R & D & i

Nextgal research in the field of New Technologies to develop innovative solutions, to provide work for businesses, improving the creation of new business opportunities.

Nextgal working with several universities and foundations supporting research groups, and creating scholarships to innovate in the field of New Technologies.

Areas of interest

  • Mobility
    We are currently performing research in the area of mobility, creating new ways of communicating between people, improving the safety of fleets and optimize the resources of companies.
  • Telecomunications
    We research into new communications systems to facilitate the deployment of new technologies, reducing cost of projects and making them more accessible to everyone.
  • Renewable energy
    We are interested in developing new systems that utilize more efficiently the natural resources of our planet, obtaining in this way, cleaner and renewable energy.
  • Other sectors
    In Nextgal we like to explore all available options, so do not rule out any in which we can contribute something. In addition to the above sectors, we are working on systems that provide health care, automation of industrial machinery and home automation.

If you're working on a research project and believe that we can work together, we'd love to be able to study your project to find a way of effective cooperation. Please, please contact us explaining the project and we will call you as soon as possible. Thank you very much.

R & D & i