• desarrollo y consultoría
  • tecnología
  • outsourcing de servicios
  • outsourcing de sistemas
  • gestión del trabajo y localización
  • asesoramiento tecnológico
  • equipo humano
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Nextgal start interested in research in the field of New Technologies to develop innovative products and solutions to facilitate the work of enterprises and improve the quality of life of people.

Nextgal provides consulting services in ICT, creating solutions and products that help our customers be more competitive in the new global economic framework.

Nextgal wants to reach excellence in its developments. To do so puts on a high continuing education of all its employees, and a very smooth and steady relationship with its customers, to understand the real needs of the customers, and reach the goals they seek.

The main areas of Nextgal are:

  • R & D & i
  • Consulting
  • Software factory
  • Technology and infrastructure

Nextgal has extensive experience in mobility solutions, GPS, monitoring and resource optimization. It has developed its own solutions to suit any sector and company, and noticeably improve the performance of the same, as well as facilitating the work to the personnel involved.

In addition, it maintains a very active relationship with the university field, through scholarships and contracts with universities and technology centers.

Nextgal also works with U.S. companies in research projects related to new technologies and the energy sector, always with the idea of providing its customers the best technology for their needs.